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EU Proposals

Pintail are also frequently involved in supporting teams to create EU proposals in which we are not partners, when the coordinator does not require administrative support. We review or co-write several such proposals a year, but our full-project-lifetime administration offering is more popular.

Proposal Review

2015: several proposals reviewed and edited for partners from across Europe. Target topics included NMP (carbon fibres), environmental (water), ICT (natural language processing) and several health topics; in each case, there was an iterative back-and-forth of drafts and improvements. While Health, ICT, NMP and Marie Curie are the areas we work in most often, our skills are applicable for any project, in any topic.

2014: proposals across Health, ICT, Marie Curie, as well as national and non-EU proposals. Clients included most Irish unversities, and well as organisations in the UK, Germany, Netherlands and Denmark.

Proposal Review Scope

Our proposal review services reflect the requirements of the client. Some clients want a review of a final draft proposal, a ‘pre-submission check’. Others prefer us to help them to shape their proposal structure, or to align their plans with the Topic which they are addressing. We address each proposal on case-by-case basis, aiming to refine the end result and increase the client’s chances of being funded. Naturally, the cost of proposal review varies, depending on the requirements of the client; typical costs are 1,000 to 3,000 euro.. Costs for Irish coordinators can usually be grant-aided by Enterprise Ireland.

Timing depends on the client and the deadline being pursued. Ideally, the client should have a few weeks to fully address our inputs and suggestions, and for us to review the updates. However, we have often worked on proposals just a few days before the deadline!

EU Sub-Contracting during the Project Lifetime

EU Sub-Contracting during the Project Lifetime

Pintail also works with clients who are partners in ongoing EU projects and require specific expertise which we can offer. In such a scenario we are not partners, but provide a specific service within the context of a project. Our track record includes writing deliverables “from scratch”, re-crafting rough deliverables to bring them up to EU standard, custom R&D, and the facilitation of best practice activities.


We continue to be retained by the Commission as evaluators on their programmes. We have provided evaluation services in 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011,2012, 2013 and are registered to do so again in 2015.